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By now if you havent heard of NFT’s you probably dont care, so I wont bore you with the details.

Much of the hype surrounding NFT’s as far as I have seen it is in the value and purchase. Not many sites, people, organisations are actually discussing the artwork in itself, and that’s something that has always annoyed me.

The thrill it seems is not in the appreciation rather the acquisition, and perhapsd that’s it’s own new unique artform.

For me, art has to come from a place outside of monetary value. Of course make no mistake, it’s always nice to be paid for your work. I love it when I see pics of my scribbles on people walls, and I love it even more when they tell me how much they enjoy it.

The world of NFT and digital art has become a strange place.

The passive experience of hanging a work of art on a wall has been supersceeded by having it locked in a digital vault.

I wonder how much the artwork of the digital age is actually experienced on a day to day basis. Theres something magical about how a physical work of art become part of your home space, office, playroom and possibly that’s an antiquated view on how art should be consumed.

I know that there are a huge number of people who are buying NFT’s purely for resale and investment opportunities and to the artists that are making millions I saulte you with all my heart. It’s an amazing thing to even sell one image that will pay for a meal, so my hat is well and truely doffed in their direction.

What I struggled with, until now is how to make my NFT’s unique.

I didn’t want to just make an animated 8bit gif, I didnt just want to push my 2D scribbles onto someones laptop screen, so I think I fugured out what to do, and I’m going to do it.

If people dig it, thats amazing. If it slips under the mountain of 3D sculptures and vector loops, that’s also cool, because the project that I’m about to begin means something to me. It has a purpose outside of being valuable. For me art has to purge something in the creators soul, wether its vulgarity, impatience, romance, frustration, pain, horror, bliss or a fucked up blend of all of them.

If it does even one of those things, in my eyes…it’s already valuable.

My new project is called OBLIQUITY. It’s a great word. I hope you get to see it when I drop.


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Where’s My Silver Space Pants?

Had a great day making this little promo for my friends blockchain project. Some would say that driving a DeLorean under a Jumbo Jet on a runway and then skateboarding on a wooden deck and then jumping to an electric one wheel was a dream come true.

Directed by Gez Medigner, Produced by Robin Schmidt and shot by Oli Kember on a beautiful day on a runway in the middle of somewhere…



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