WE ARE SUPER MASSIVE is the writing, directing, musical mashup of Robin Schmidt and Simon Wan. In other words – Us. Musicians turned filmmakers we dick about in front and behind the camera for your pleasure.
Individually we’ve come from wildly different musical worlds, Robin from classical music, leading orchestras, singing for the pope, Simon from pop, leading boyband Switch 22, but together we are only interested in film, marrying our passions for Hong Kong, trashy pop culture and the surreal.
We call ourselves Super Massive because we produce work that should put a massive grin on your face. Whether that’s funny or not is irrelevant.

ROBIN – Classical muso, directs, edits, does vfx, writes, does VO, keytar hero, singer, electric violin, DJ, blogger, Oxford Grad Knob.

SIMON – Pop trained, writer, performer, comedian, director, editor, skater, star wars figurine collector, martial artist, raver, MC, DJ, Hong Kong crazy.

Film making like pirates armed with Volvos and expensive toys,


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