Simon Wan spent his early life dodging detentions and falling in love all over the UK and Ireland. His love for girls is matched by his love of cats, skateboards, food, music and robots. A post university adventure in pop music took him to the strangest night clubs and festivals and his adventures in film making took him all over the world.


Simon recently took to stage and screen and attained international acclaim with nominations and awards for his performances in British Kung Fu film drama “Dog” and stage production “Mr Foo” with Tina Malone and has just finished a 6 week run in Hong Kong’s first immersive theatre experience with Secret Studio Labs

He has now decided to become author because he can write books wearing just a towel and he can type really fast. After he was offered his publishing deal with Urbane Publications he went for a meal and had a couple of roll ups with his Grandad, Harry.


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