“It’s just reading aloud without a book in your hands”.


Simon began acting when he decided that he should be the first ever half Chinese, half English landlord of the Queen Vic Pub, Albert Square. Realising that it wasn’t a real place, the only way to get his hands behind that bar was to quit making videos for radio and head on down to London town, get some acting chops, find an awesome agent, discover Meisner in a Holborn dungeon and see if the wind blows to the East End.

Recently played a magical Auror in David Yates’s Fantastic Beasts 2 and Viktoria Modesta’s husband in the Art’s Council’s sci fi remake of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Played Detective Willilam Lau in Hong Kongs first ever sell out immersive theatre experience.

To experience your inner most fears and laugh like a monkey on LSD, these are the lovely people who will make that happen for you.



T: 07904946156

T: 07970489470

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