(Urbane Publications – PRINT RELEASE 09/06/16)

“The big boy with the big bike standing over me had heard I couldn’t feel pain because my Dad was from Hong Kong. I had some kind of invincible power. He’d heard that I really liked hanging out with girls, Chinese burns didn’t work on me, pulling my hair was pointless and if you bit me you get soy sauce in your mouth. If I was in his shoes, I admit I’d have been curious as well. Which ever way you looked at it I was going to have to play kiss chase later. The cute brunette girl with the orange walkman knew it, the third prettiest netball player knew it, even the dinner ladies knew it. There was going to be a fight.”

Such is the life of our hero as he negotiates the triple threat of trying to becoming a cheese ball superstar, finding his cartoon princess and bringing her home for a perfect Christmas roast potato. It’s a life tale of comic disasters, sex (lots of weird sex), relationships nightmares and discovering your nakedness in a world full of people wearing the same old clothes. Honest, warm, funny and very hip this is David Nicholls with the tears, the pain and the naughty bits on display for the world to see.

Travel in time by getting something you ordered in…THE FUTURE







6 thoughts on “Book

  1. Little John says:

    Site is cool, missed you recently in London but Billy Connolly was a blast. Did the rounds, saw loads of my old stomping grounds and ate all of it. My first kebab was bought on Ridley Rd in 1979, chilli sauce has changed my life, a true pilgrimage…….. Love, success and flour wrapped meats to you, old mucker………… John Cooney xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Simon Wan says:

      I know, I was knee deep in a Canadian blonde and as much as I love you you’re just not as sexy any more. Seriously, yeah I know I’m a let down, I blame being 40. Which must make you about 76 now. X


  2. You were serious, about the potato. As you had me at potato, going to have to buy it. Congratulations. Look forward to reading. 🙂


  3. Hepsi Davies says:

    I really liked your book because I also love roast potatoes big man. One question, did you marry eva pope?


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